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So much excitement in such a beautiful season.

For me, there isn’t a lot that can compare to the beauty of an expectant mother. The joy of this moment, the excitement that awaits, the curiosity, the love that is already so strong and evident. And even though it feels like the waiting takes forever, it goes by so fast. And suddenly you catch yourself wishing you could love on that big belly again. Maternity sessions capture all of that. They capture this amazingly beautiful time in your life. They capture memories that are yours, but that will also be incredibly precious to your baby. It’s your story told through my lenses. A story of a miracle unfolding.

I wish I could tell all expectant mothers, “Please, book a maternity session! Please, capture this time in your lives! You are gorgeous, you are carrying a miracle, and you will want these memories to look back on. I promise you.” These sessions can be done in the comfort of your home as a lifestyle session, or in a beautiful outdoor location. We usually do them between the 28th and 34th week, but it is also up to you when you feel comfortable to do it.

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