Mari Feitosa

I am Brazilian, born in Pernambuco. I have lived pretty much my whole life in Recife, Brazil. Oh, how I miss the beach, the big city, my wonderful Brazilian family & friends. Living overseas is definitely bittersweet. My heart is always in two places at the same time. I feel so lucky though to be able to do what I do. I moved to Akron on March 2015, and this where home is now. I was blessed with such a wonderful family and friends here. Home is where your heart is and as cheesy as this may sound, it is absolutely true. My heart will always have two homes. And how blessed I am for that!

I have a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science, worked as an English Preschool teacher in Brazil for nearly two years, and I am currently working on a second degree. Life is definitely so busy and I do love it!

I am a Christian, I love Jesus, movies, food, friends, music, and soccer. I am also a Cavs fan (Go Cavs!) and love the Buckeyes! I love dogs so much and cannot imagine life without them. I have a black poodle in Brazil (miss my Tito!) and a 90-pound Airedale who belongs to my American family. Love my Lucy Lou! I talk a lot, ha. I love anything chocolate and desserts! I was told that I talk with my hands and I can talk very fast if I am excited. Ha.

Photography is truly a part of me. It all started way before I actually owned my equipment. I have always felt the need to document. As a child, I did that by writing. As I grew older, that need grew with me too. I never knew where this path would take me. I loved to just capture people, real interactions, friendships, and love. I like to say that this path chose me almost. As I jumped in and bought my first camera, I knew I would just never let it go. Photography is an art and a passion. It is my heart.

I love capturing memories, intimate moments, relationships and the strong love that people share. My goal as your photographer is to capture your life as it is, the love, the smiles, the struggles, the connections, the precious memories that you do not want to forget and that will forever be a treasure to you. I am finding more about myself as a photographer each new day and I know for sure that I want to capture real, raw, honest.

I am so glad you are here and would love to hear your story!